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Zentistry creates beautiful, innovative environments that elevate the dental experience for both dentists and patients. Our offices combine soothing zen design with ergonomic function, efficient layout, and the latest technology to please discerning clientele and improve workflow for practitioners and their teams. These carefully curated endorphin zones use natural elements and thoughtful architectural details to engage the senses and can be customized for your specific practice.



Zentistry is here to help you achieve your practice’s goals. Beyond clinical dentistry, Zentistry can improve your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We evaluate your practice holistically and make recommendations for improvements in all key areas: team building, patient and staff management, customer service, workflow, reporting, performance metrics, and marketing. Our solutions-driven approach may include systems implementation, process improvement, training, and other methodologies to bring your practice to the next level.



Receiving the high quality results you need from your dental laboratory can be a challenge. With over 30 years of experience, Zentistry can get you there. Whether you work with a traditional analog system or a newer digital 3D scanner, learn the most effective ways to communicate your case requirements with ceramists and technicians. By understanding the inner workings of a dental laboratory and learning to speak their language, you can guarantee results that exceed your expectations.


Looking for more? We can assist in all aspects of laboratory set up and operation: custom design, equipment selection and purchasing, materials inventory and management, training in all lab techniques and procedures including the latest in digital dentistry integration and CAD/CAM.  Allow Zentistry to create a laboratory that fully supports your practice and gives patients a reason to smile.


Thank You for Contacting Zentistry!

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