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What is Zentistry?

Zentistry is a collection of scientifically based principles focused on elevating a patient’s dental experience. Its goal is to increase a patient’s awareness of oral preventive care by creating an environment unlike no other and offering the highest standards of service. 


Developed by Dr. Sonny Torres Oliva, a dentist from New York, NY, Zentistry was conceived over 20 years in private practice. By combining the best in dentistry, with inspiration from the spa and hospitality industries, Dr. Oliva established a successful practice unique from any other in the competitive Midtown Manhattan landscape, winning over traumatized dental-phobes as loyal clientele.


Zentistry directly addresses the most significant deterrents to retaining patients: fear and anxiety. By engaging the five senses, and offering exceptional service, the often-dreaded office visit is elevated to a luxurious self-care experience. In this radical transformation, patients take better care of their oral health. They become more consistent with brushing and flossing and commit enthusiastically to regular dental appointments. Visits to the dentist are no longer a feared chore, but now something to look forward to.

Zentistry can be experienced at Dr. Oliva’s practice in New York, NY, and will be arriving in Manila late 2020.

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