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5 Principles


We are all familiar with traditional dental offices that are cold and sterile. Inspired by luxury spas, Zentistry builds beautiful, uplifting spaces that evoke serenity, relaxation and security. Through collaboration with architecture and interior design, we create a visual narrative that puts patients immediately at ease and renders their negative associations obsolete.


Taking cues from sound healing therapy, Zentistry uses music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. From the moment patients arrive, they are enveloped by soothing music which has been proven to significantly lower stress levels. Our hygiene suites and treatment rooms are insulated from distracting outside noise. Tools have been carefully selected to produce minimal disturbance. Audio and acoustics are thoughtfully designed to balance the environmental soundscape and enhance the dental experience.


The sense of smell is known to be closely linked with memory. To help erase unpleasant memories of past clinical experiences, Zentistry embraces the principles of aromatherapy. Using scents such as lavender for relaxation, lemon for anxiety, and eucalyptus for healing, we promote our patients’ health and well-being, and leave them receptive to new, positive associations.



The sense of touch is the strongest of all our senses. While it is often overlooked in the field of dentistry, we know that by stimulating touch receptors under the skin, we can effectively reduce stress by decreasing blood pressure and cortisol levels. Zentistry integrates this important finding in many thoughtful details: the warmth of a hot towel, the support of a fully articulating spa bed, the stimulating of key acupressure points to relieve pain. By providing an abundance of comforting sensations, Zentistry overrides the patient’s anticipated fear and anxiety and replaces them with welcome relaxation and calmness.



Zentistry restores humanity to the dental experience. It’s more than good customer service. It’s connecting with each patient as a valued individual, and truly appreciating their time, their trust, and their physical and emotional well-being. We nurture this vital relationship with our clientele through every interaction, and through the excellence of our clinical care.  

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